Saturday 14 May 2016 ore 11:30 - 13:00

The Histories of Architecture.Art and architecture in Rome

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Five lectures examining the urban and architectural history of modern and contemporary Rome from 1870 to the present day

The relationship between art and architecture is complex and variegated: in the short century and also in the contemporary age, when architecture attempted figurative and symbolic incursions into a field up until then closely tied to the prerogatives of art. Art and architecture in Italy have frequently contested primacy or subjection, especially in the period between the two wars, when the former faced up to the demands of propaganda and was politically by the corporate state.
Aside from any possible political use, this report would instead appear to have been consolidated in the subterranean museum of the Neapolitan metro line, while an experiment such as MAAM in Rome, the museum inhabited by nomads and refugees, promotes itself as an example of a global work of art.

Antonella Greco, a professor in the History of Contemporary Architecture at La Sapienza University, Rome, graduated in the History of Art with Giulio C. Argan. Her research focuses on the architectural scene in Rome, the relationships between art and architecture, Italian architects in the period between the two wars and in period following the Second World War (Luigi Moretti, Ludovico Quaroni, Adalberto Libera, Gio Ponti, Leonardo Ricci). She has curated, alone or with others, various exhibitions and seasons of documentaries on architecture in Italy and abroad. Her most recent publications include: Leonardo Ricci, Monterinaldi, Balmain, Mann (with M. Clara Ghia), Rome 2012, Santiago Calatrava, Musei Vaticani 2013 (edited by Micol Forti), Arte e artisti all’E.42, Rome 2015.

The Histories of Architecture. Lectures on Rome
27 February – 14 May 2016

The first edition of The Histories of Architecture: this year the series examines the transformations in the architecture of the capital from 1870 through to the present day.
Introductions by Margherita Guccione, director MAXXI Architettura.