19 July 2022 > 07 August 2022

videogalleryRadicalsSeijun Suzuki

videogallery – free entrance
curated by Irene de Vico Fallani, Giulia Lopalco
recommended for an adult audience

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Monday closed
Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm

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One of the most innovative and controversial masters of action cinema.

An exponent of the Japanese nouvelle vague, Seijun Suzuki (Tokyo, 1923 – Tokyo, 2017) directed around 50 films during his career characterised by his clash with the Japanese film industry. Father of the Yakuza movie, Suzuki turned the canons of the noir genre upside down with his avant-garde style, irreverent irony and surrealistic settings, a source of inspiration for major international filmmakers.

film screening:

Tuesday 19 to Sunday 24 July, 5 pm
The Youth of a Human Beast1963
duration: 92 min
language: Japanese with Italian subtitles

Tuesday 26 to Sunday 31 July, 5 pm
Tokyo Drifter, 1966
duration: 82 min
language: Japanese with Italian subtitles

Tuesday 2 to Sunday 7 August, 5 pm
In Praise of Struggle, 1966
duration: 86 min
language: Japanese with Italian subtitles

On the occasion of the TOKYO REVISITED exhibition, a special screening of films by directors and creatives who share with Daido Moriyama a countercurrent, revolutionary and never conventional look at Japan. The pop and surreal character of Seijun Suzuki (19 July > 7 August), the more rigorous and austere nature of Kaneto Shindō (9 > 28 August) and the mystical essence of Kazuo Ōno’s Butō dance (30 August > 18 September) represent different manifestations of a common need to narrate the duality of post-war Japan, to bring to light the shadows and fragility of existence, to break taboos, and to reaffirm the individual’s freedom of choice and expression.

header: Seijun Suzuki, In Praise of Struggle, 1966, video still