Paola De Pietri. To Face

17 May – 17 October 2012
Carlo Scarpa Hall
curated by Francesca Fabiani

On show are 21 photographs, a reconnaissance of the Italian front during the First World War investigating the slow mutation of the mountain landscape scarred by trenches and bombardments, with caverns, summits disfigured by the explosion of mines and craters created by bombs.

As Paola De Pietri explains: “These places are now the destinations for excursions and holidays, oases of peace and meditation. It is difficult to find at one’s feet the echoes of the battles and the drama that took place almost 100 years ago. The innocence of the present appears to have cancelled the violence of the past.”

The project To Face, which comprises a total of 40 photographs, was the 2009 winner of the prestigious Albert Renger-Patzsch prize conferred by the Dietrich Oppenberg Stiftun/Foundation.

Paola De Pietri, Sella di Somdogna

Paola De Pietri, Passo dell’Alpe Mattina, Gwengalpenjoch (detail)