Thursday 13 June 2024 ore 20:30

opening + dj setQuintessenzaby Grazzini Tonazzini Colombo

MAXXI piazza
free admittance from 8:30 to 10 pm

Come and be the first to discover the large installation that will host the Museum’s summer.

Quintessenza (Quintessence), curated by the Grazzini Tonazzini Colombo trio, is the winning project of NXT, a programme dedicated to the new generation of architects. It is an installation that combines theatrical architecture (the scenic backdrop) with the concept of Aristotelian origin’s quintessence. According to this concept, the four traditional elements—air, water, earth, and fire—were joined by a fifth, ethereal, pure, and incorruptible one, constituting the celestial sphere.

On the occasion of the opening night, we are waiting for you in the Museum square to be among the first to come and see it, from inside and out, and experience it with us in an evening of light, water and music games with Vipra’s dj service downtempo dj set from inside the installation.