Thursday 1 January 1970

MAXXIinWeb/ Francesco Vezzoli


The MAXXIinWeb project organized by MAXXI and Telecom Italia is about to launch: with free admittance while places are available in the MAXXI Auditorium for nine encounters with nine major players in contemporary creativity that Telecom Italia will be making available free to the web public in live streaming on the site maxxinweb.telecomitalia.com.

Architects, artists, photographers and creative figures of international fame will be talking about their ideas and works, their working methods and their personal relationships with creativity and new technologies.

Thursday 24 November, 21.00
Francesco Vezzoli
MAXXI Auditorium, free admittance
An Italian artist whose works, frequently true short films, investigate themes associated with high cinematic culture and trash television. His videos are tributes to the auteur film tradition from Stanley Kubrick to Luchino Visconti, from Roberto Rossellini to Pier Paolo Pasolini, and at times a reflection on popular culture, from reality shows to soap operas and through to hard movies. An irreverent icon of the international art scene, Vezzoli has exhibited in the world’s leading museums including Tate Modern in London, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Venice Biennale and MAXXI in Rome.

Francesco Vezzoli, Democrazy, 2007


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