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videogalleryDesign icons on filmItaly 1960 - 1990

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curated by Silvia Robertazzi, Porzia Bergamasco
from an idea by Emilio Tremolada for Milano Design Stories by Hearst Global Design

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Through documentaries and videos, four decades of the 20th century reconstruct the evolution of Italian design and the spread of Made in Italy around the world.

Each historical period groups together under a specific theme the stories, personalities and products that characterised it, privileging the best that, due to the intrinsic qualities of the project or company vision, have come down to us. Therefore, they are not only icons themselves, but icons of doing and producing that transcend time, confirming the goodness of its genesis.
The Sixties – The New Rising | 20 – 24 December
Modern development confronts the first substantial changes in society, adopting new materials and introducing innovative production processes. Aspects are reflected in each other, giving rise to design as we understand it today – an acute point of view of the critic and philosopher Gillo Dorfles – and are supported by enlightened entrepreneurs. 

The 1970s – Italy conquers the world | 26 December – 1 January
While the social ferment becomes radical, the creative and productive force of the Bel Paese begins its journey abroad in the setting of the most prestigious museum in New York and the world with an exhibition that will remain legendary in the annals. Among inventions of form and function, revision of archetypes, contestation of models, the season of the avant-gardes – from the “radicals” to Memphis – and utopian landscapes designed with furniture that does not seem like furniture. 

The 1980s – Reality, delirium, wonder, ecstasy and fiction | 3 – 8 January
The previous season leaves ripe fruits that continue their course in the impact of a differently futuristic vision of tomorrow, under the impetus of acerbic technological innovations, the first dematerialisations and communication, graphics and publishing experiencing a golden moment. 

The 1990s – Eclectic Languages | 10 – 15 January
This is the decade that prepares humanity to take into the next century. Italy has become a privileged destination for designers arriving here from all over to explore the lively business world of Lombardy and Veneto, in particular, eager for comparisons. Motivated not only by that foreign inclination, often marked within national borders, but to prepare for the global polyglot.

header: Paolo Deganello racconta la Superonda directed by Emilio Neri Tremolada, film still, 2015