Thursday 1 January 1970

Frontiers as wounds: Europe

Tuesday 15 May, 17.30
MAXXI Auditorium – admittance free

On the occasion of and complementing the exhibition by Doris Salcedo at MAXXI, the Italian magazine of geopolitics Limes, in collaboration with MAXXI B.A.S:E., will be presenting two round tables and an exhibition illustrating, analysing and discussing painful frontiers sharing an affinity with the issues tackled in the Colombian artist’s research.
The seminars will examine the Italian frontiers and those of Europe, providing an opportunity to reflect on conflict, migration and cultural, ethnic and mental confines within the spaces designated by official borders .
The first seminar, devoted to European frontiers, will feature the cartographer Laura Canali, the director LimesLucio Caracciolo, the journalist Lilli Gruber, the politician Enrico Letta and the artist Adrian Paci.

Next seminar
19 June, 18.30

Frontiers as wounds:
with Luca Caracciolo, Laura Canali, Yasemin Tasking and Botto and Bruno.

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