31 October 2012 > 18 November 2012

Progetto Alcantara® - MAXXIShape your life! Progetto Alcantara® – MAXXI

Carlo Scarpa Room
curated by Giulio Cappellini – Art Director Alcantara and Domitilla Dardi – Design Curator MAXXI Architettura

Almost a year on from Can you imagine?, MAXXI is once again joining forces with the Italian Alcantara® brand for the Shape your life project.

Considering a way of life that is ever more nomadic and dynamic, the challenge proposed by the exhibition is that of interpreting the new scenarios of (con)temporary living; that “away from home” where we now spend the majority of our time.

In this second edition the theme will be investigated by some of the most promising emerging talents on the international design scene as they come to terms with the unique characteristics of the material.

The selection process involved 50 international signallers invited to indicate a designer under 35 years of age displaying a particular design talent. The curricula of these designers were then examined by an international jury of experts who assigned to each of the 8 finalists the execution of a project regarding the theme of the new exhibition.

The young designers have been asked to create equipped habitats: objects and spaces in Alcantara that allow us to feel at ease both at home and away from home.

Sebastian Herkner of Germany was asked to examine the conference table workstation, Lanzavecchia + Way, from Italy and Singapore, tackled the car interior, Mischer’ Traxler of Austria looked at public transport seating, the Society of Architecture from Korea the park bench, the Italians Matteo Zorzenoni, Vittorio Venezia and paradisiartificiali a bar/restaurant booth, a beach or boat lounger/chair and cinema/theatre seating respectively, while lastly Mana Bernardes from Brazil examined the personal working desk.

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