28 May 2014 > 21 September 2014


28 maggio – 21 settembre 2014
Galleria 5, Corner D, Piazza, Corpo scale


The PREMIO MAXXI, founded to support the growth of the young generation of Italian artists, has now reached its third edition. After the past two editions, won by Rossella Biscotti in 2010 and Giorgio Andreotta Calò in 2012, this year the prize goes to Marinella Senatore, whose work – The School of Narrative Dance, Rome -, together with Micol Assaël, Linda Fregni Nagler and Yuri Ancarani’s ones, invades all the spaces of the museum involving the scenographic Galleria 5, Corner D, the piazza, the staircases, blending in with the flowing patterns of the space designed by Zaha Hadid.

Football from a new and revolutionary point of view,
a physical space that becomes a mental one, the thrill of suspension in the void,
a nomadic school where you can also learn to draw.

The exhibition, curated by Giulia Ferracci, moves about in MAXXI’s spaces starting from the exterior with Natura dell’emozione (2001 – 2014) by Micol Assaël continuing on MAXXI’s piazza and along its staircases the exhibition route continues with The School Of Narrative Dance, Roma (2014) by Marinella Senatore. The exhibition ends in Galleria 5:  Linda Fregni Nagler shows Per comandare all’aria (2014) while it take places San Siro (2014), the movie by Yuri Ancarani.
The exhibition is completed by a story area: a series of exhibited materials lay bare the inspirations and paths that led the artists to produce their works.

Based on these works the jury chose the winner of this third edition: Marinella Senatore and the work The School Of Narrative Dance, Rome will become part of MAXXI’s permanent collection. A monographic publication will be dedicated to the winning artist, including interviews and essays as well as an anthology of the most significant critical essays to have been written about him or her. The dual-language (Italian-English) publication will be distributed internationally.
The winner has been announced on June 13, when the jury met to evaluate all the projects.

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