Friday 6 January 2017 ore 12:00 - ore 17:00

Zeppo the Tamer at the Circus

Guido Reni Hall – € 5, free with the purchase of a museum entrance ticket by the accompanying adult.
first show 12:00 AM
second show 4:00 PM

Puppet show by the Compagnia Mangiafuoco

A sketch show set in an extraordinary circus

Presented by the tamer Zeppo, the show sees artists of international fame alternating in the ring with their eccentric turns: Mister Pizzikowskj, the world’s strongest man, the Mokascu family of tightrope walkers, De Trampolis, the tallest man, Ali’ Benzin, the fire eater.
And there will certainly be no lack of lions, clowns, jugglers… and the Befana!