Thursday 1 January 1970

Italian Design | 20.00.11 anthology

Friday 1 June, 18.00
MAXXI B.A.S.E. Meeting Room – admittance free

In the book edited by Tonino Paris, Vincenzo Cristallo and Sabrina Lucibello,Italian from the last decade is discussed with an anthological approach organized around themes: communications, creativity, Icons, ingenuity, museums and knowledge, territories and values, visions and utopias, designers and entrepreneurs.
An expedient that permits images, words, products and people to be considered on the basis of ideas; that is to say, a thematic overview of the broad and controversial theory of Italian design, revealing its eclectic nature as the crossroads of diverse idioms.

Arturo Dell’acqua Bellavitis Milan Polytechnic | Head of the  Faculty of Design
Medardo Chiapponi  IUAV University Venice | Head of the Faculty of Design
Umberto Croppi CEO of the Fondazione Valore Italia
Luigi Frati Rector of La Sapienza University, Rome
Margherita Guccione Director of MAXXI Architettura
Carlo Malinconico Extraordinary Commissioner of Fondazione Valore Italia
Renato Masiani Head of the Faculty of Architecture, La Sapienza University, Rome
Tonino Paris La Sapienza Università, Rome | Director of the Sapienza Interdepartamental Design Research Centre
Mario Piazza Editor of Abitare
Patrizia Ranzo University of Naples | Chair of the Design Degree Board
Massimo Ruffilli University of Florence | Chair of the Design Degree Board
Benedetta Spadolini University of Genoa | Chair of the Design Degree Board