Saturday 10 November 2018 ore 11:30 - ore 13:00

Design Stories.Fashion design | with Clara Tosi Pamphili

MAXXI Auditorium – entrance 5 euros – ticket to 4 events 15 euro
Free to myMAXXI card holders, with possibility to book for 10 people on a first come first served basis, by writing to mymaxxi@fondazionemaxxi.it until the day before the event

The story of ‘another’ design: from great icons to more experimental research

After tackling the subjects of interior decor products and domestic living in the first two editions, we are back with Design Stories to discuss several types of applications with experts in the field. Design –and Italian design especially- is characterised by the wide breadth of design areas and for its cross-disciplinarity, spanning from what we wear and what we eat to how we get information and communicate.
Four events to tell how design is present in our daily lives, in any product that requires a reflection on the conditions and purpose of an action.

At our first event we will meet Clara Tosi Pamphili, architect, applied arts academic and art director for fashion brands and events. We will embark on a journey that goes from the clothes of the historical, political, societal Revolution all the way to Revolutionary clothes that changed the way we dress. In 1968 everything changed and even our way of dressing become a tool for protesting against the previous system. Fashion took on a revolutionary identity; the way of communicating and describing clothes undoubtedly represent a sphere from high to mass culture, becoming a tool for conditioning. 50 years later, we look back to interpret the concept of Revolution that is expressed collectively like in 1968 or episodes, cases, phenomena so meaningful that they represent a turning point.

Introduced by
Domitilla Dardi MAXXI Architecture design curator

Clara Tosi Pamphili architect, applied arts academic, art director

With the support of ADI Lazio