Friday 29 January 2016 - Monday 1 February 2016

Golden Lotus by Choi Jeong-hwa: from MAXXI to the center of Rome

Rome, Piazza San Silvestro

The MAXXI is leaving his own space to bring one of his art work in the center of the city. Golden Lotus by Choi Jeong-hwa is part of the Breathing Flower series of plastic inflatables, which are created for outdoor spaces and for places that are not those traditionally associated with art. These gigantic sculptures modify their settings, interacting with them: the petals of the lotus flower open and close in a great breathing. As the Korean the artist sees it, ‘everything can be art!’, including objects, people and unconventional materials.

His flowers are a practical demonstration of this vision: on the borderline between art, design and architecture, they are always placed outdoors, shifting the confines of the exhibition space and showing how artistic practice is a collective, ironic and joyful act.

This project realised in collaboration with the Republic of Korea Embassy in Italy and Roma Capitale underlines the National Museum of XXI Century Arts’ desire to share contemporary creativity with the broadest possible public, in the conviction that access to culture is a universal right.