28 September 2019 > 29 September 2019

Videogallery.Maria Lai. Film screening

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Two days’ worth of screenings to recount, by use of a selection of films and documentaries, the world of Maria Lai, her bond with memory and her cultural roots.

Interviews and archive materials shed new light onto the strong conceptual and anthropological matrix of Maria Lai’s work as well as the undeniable artistic influence that she exerted onto a plethora of other expressive languages.

Friday 27th September will see the Museum host the Study day, which will be entrusted to the words of critics and intellectuals with the aim of deepening the artist’s complex and fascinating career.

Photo: still from “Ansia d’Infinito” © Stefano Gramitto Ricci

Screening programme

Clarita Di Giovanni, Ansia d’Infinito, 2009
52’, IT with EN subtitles
Ansia d’Infinito, which was previewed in 2009 at Rome’s Film Festival Festival and won the award for Best Artist Biography and the 2010 AIAF award, is an account of the artist’s extraordinary work, divided into chapters. The film is devoid of predefined stances and focuses on the artist’s sense of urgency, gestures and underlying thoughts.

Marilisa Piga, Nico di Tarsia, Inventata da un dio distratto, 2001
45’, IT
A long interview – a monologue where the artist recounts herself beyond the limitations of reality, history, nature and art, building upon her personal experience in order to transcend the boundaries of Sardinia and reach global fame through her art, thereby influencing the rationale of subsequent generations of Sardinian artists.

Francesco Casu, Salvatore Cambosu e Maria Lai Dalla parola al segno, 2013
31’ IT
In this film, the director does not take the external, objective point of view of a documentarist, but rather establishes a dialogue between the master and the apprentice, which proves full of important revelations. The old legends that used to open up new prospects for the artist’s need to establish links between words and images, silence and the void, gain new traction. Cambosu’s understanding of Sardinia as a “fatally favourable” place of birth makes a comeback too, as being Sardinian, prehistoric and solitary could prove useful in the years to come.

Francesco Casu, Andando via, 2019
51’, IT
By drawing inspiration from the monument that Maria Lai dedicated to Grazia Deledda, the documentary recounts the project Andando Via, conceived by Giuditta Sireus. Said long project required Sardinian weavers to produce numerous tapestries, which were then displayed in Nuoro in March 2019, thereby becoming the first textile artwork of Sardinia.

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