29 March 2022 > 30 April 2022

Ferzan OzpetekVenetika

Museum’s piazza
curated by Giovanna Zabotti


A peculiar magic box, a red cube of wood and mirrors enclosing a parallel universe, unique and unforgettable. It is Venice. It is a woman, beautiful and eternal.

Venice crossroads of people; Venice multicultural; Venice gateway to and from the world. Ferzan Ozpetek has immersed himself in the city, becoming part of it. He has chosen to live it with different eyes making a unique portrait of it: Kasia Smutniak in apnea, filmed between projections of the most famous pictorial representations of the city, of its unmistakable views. Venetika is an immersive journey where the video is mirrored on a pool of water, while the scent of the lagoon is diffused, accompanied by the music of Sezen Aksu.

A magic box encloses Ferzan Ozpetek’s visionary Venice, a project created for the 58th Art Biennale. Venice is a woman immersed in water. The liquid and opaque moving surface of the sea seems to act as a screen, and on her face and body pass the images, filtered by the water, of the materials in which the city took shape when the liquid turned solid and suddenly became marble, wood, rope and metal.

header: video still