Thursday 1 January 1970

Expanded Video

Expanded Video

Expanded Video presents an Italian preview of a number of video works and live performances by Jacob TV, Masbedo, Martha Colburn and People Like Us (aka Vicki Bennett).?

Organized in collaboration with the Music for Rome Foundation, the series arises from the confrontation and interaction between different forms of creativity that define a common idiom in which listening and seeing become analogous and equivalent episodes.?The works of the selected artists, in which the diverse idioms fuse and integrate perfectly, are linked by a shared emancipation from the ties and conventions of the individual media. Sound becomes narration and the image dissolves in an ever-different rhythm.

19 May, 20.30
Martha Colburn – DOLLS VS. DICTATORS 
Thollem McDonas: piano; Greg Saunier: drums
MAXXI, Gallery 5

Martha Colburn mainly works by animating two-dimensional images: cuttings from newspapers, images drawn from the most diverse media and figures specifically created by her, old 8 and 16 mm film to create a fantastic world in which the anxiety of the real is always present.


MARTHA COLBURN – Dolls VS Dictators, 2010 – 11′

24 May, 21.00?
People Like Us – GENRE COLLAGE ?

Auditorium Parco della musica, Teatro Studio?
People Like Us, through the use of sounds and images familiar to us succeeds in producing a new emotional location, an intentional violation of the narrative continuity, assembling scenes that no longer correspond to a tranquil cinematographic sequence.