Sunday 19 April 2015 ore 11:30 -

Educational DayWhat I never wrote to you…

AMACI, the Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums, is organizing the first Education Day with an extensive programme of free activities dedicated to bring the general public closer to contemporary art.

On the occasion of the exhibition Architecture in uniform, curated by Jean Luis Cohen (through to 3 May), and the associated installations His own hands by Adrian Paci and Roland Sejko and The angels of the heroes by Flavio Favelli (both through to 7 June), MAXXI is offering the public a number of thematic activities exploring the issues of war, loss and memory.

Three visits and a workshop, all free, dealing with themes of war and memory

exploratory visits
11.30, 12.00 and 17.30
duration 1h – max 30 participants
An opportunity for exploring and discussing together with the participants, issues such as the role and the choices of architects during wartime; the experience of distance and the loss of contacts; homeland and sacrifice within and without rhetoric.

duration 2h – max 20 participants
After having visited the exhibition and the installations, participants will rework the installation by Adrian Paci, Sue proprie mani, dedicated to the undelivered correspondence between Italians in Albania and their families at the end of the Second World War.
Every participant will write a letter, that letter never written and never delivered, to be donated anonymously to another participant.

If you would like to take part in the activities please reserve a place by writing to