Sunday 6 March 2016 ore 16:30 - 19:00

Educational Day

AMACI museums throughout Italy will be opening their doors for the second Educational Day, a day of activities entirely devoted to approaching and getting to know the contemporary art public.

For this second edition the artist Valerio Rocco Orlando has been entrusted with the creation of a project that, on the basis of the concept of the network, investigated the ties between the educational departments of the associated museums and between the museums, their local areas and their publics. The fruit of this project is OSMOSIS, a participatory work of art that is designed to represent a moment of collective reflection on the responsibility of a contemporary centre of artistic production in order to investigate the sense of every museum inserted within the context of its city and, in general, in order to verify and analyse the presence of a sentiment of belonging with respect to contemporary art. The objective is therefore that of activating and presenting during the Educational Day that osmotic process that underlies every museum and that comes to life at the moment in which one crosses the threshold of the institution.

From September to December 2015, Valerio Rocco Orlando travelled throughout Italy visiting the museums of the AMACI network and interviewing the department heads and staff of the Education Departments about their practices, experiences, difficulties and relationships with the public. Out of these encounters emerged a series of questions which the artist collated on a single panel and which will underlie the activities the Educational Departments will organize on the occasion of the Educational Day.

exploratory visits
4.30 Pm and 5.30 PM

What MAXXI is asking its public to do for Educational Day 2016 is to ask themselves whether is demanding challenge to get to know the world through art and the museum is worth the risk and the effort. The two questions adopted are in fact:

Is the visit worth the effort?
What risk will you be taking today?

In order to answer these questions, the Educational Department will be inviting the public to discuss them and participate in the exploratory visits dedicated to the exhibitions Istanbul.Passion, joy,fury and Transformers.

Entrance to the museum and the educational activities are free only when (obligatory) reservations have been made by writing to or calling 063201954 – While places are available.