Wednesday 21 December 2016 - Sunday 15 January 2017

DAB – Design for Artshops and Bookshops

Inauguration: Wednesday 21 December, 6:30 PM
Corner D – admittance free

MAXXI is presenting the best projects from DAB7 – Design for Artshops and Bookshops, a competition launched by the Municipality of Modena, promoted by GAI and supported by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.

From project to prototype through to realisation and public presentation. This exhibition features the best designs and prototypes for objects destined to be sold in the artshops and bookshops of Italian museums, the fruit of the intuitions of creatives aged between 18 and 35. A broad range of projects is presented, from gadgets to stationery and through to gastronomic products, clothing and the most diverse accessories in a detailed overview of the infinite possibilities offered by design.

The designers called to exhibit are: Adriano Alfaro, Gaetano Mirko Vatiero and Iorio Antonio, Alessandra Barbato, Milena Boni, Brignetti Longoni Design Studio of Laura Brignetti and Edoardo Thomas Longoni, Maddalena Camera and Marta Garaventa, Romina Cesta, Ju’n’ko Architetti of Mauro Coppini and Elisabetta Giusti, Enea Design of Violetta Barba and Davide Bianchi, Alessandra Guttagliere, Francesco Ippolito, Giorgia Luppi, Mali Weil + Materia Critica, Millim Studio of Edoardo Giammarioli and Chiara Pellicano, Valeria Michetti, Carla Pisano, Barbara Rizzo, Orsetta Rocchetto, Orsetta Rocchetto and Giorgio Sinapi, Valeria Russo, IPSIA F.lli Taddia School of Cento (FE): Jonada Gijorlaku, Valentina Pasca and Lorenzo Breveglieri, Giovanni Tommasini, Fabio Valvassori.

The exhibition is promoted by GAI – Associazione per il Circuito dei Giovani Artisti Italiani – and produced by the Office of Young Artists of the Municipality of Modena in collaboration with MAXXI – the National Museum of XXI Century Arts