Photo credit: Nicola Galli
Thursday 16 July 2015 ore 17:00 - ore 21:00

Teatro in PiazzaCinetico 4.4 by CollettivO CineticO

This event is part of YAP FEST 2015
MAXXI Piazza, Spazio YAP– admittance free
In collaboration with SANTARCANGELO International Festival of Street Theatre

A playful device in which public is invited
to participate as a players

Cinetico 4.4 is a game, divided into three phases, which allows you to collectively process theoretical and practical information for the creation of a performance and a reworking of theatre’s conventional roles.

In the first phase, the 24 players are distributed around six tables in groups of four; each player negotiates with the others regarding the directorial decisions, strategically managing personal priorities, the decisions of others and chance.
The second phase consists of the practical preparation of the performance and third in its presentation to the spectators, themselves established by the dynamics of the game.

To participate:

Would you like to be a player-performer?

We are meeting at 5.00 PM. Reservations are required and may be made by writing to
You do not need any prior theatrical experience.

Would you like to be a simple spectator?

We’ll ready and waiting at 8.00 PM.

Born in 1971 out of a very close relationship between the city and artistic creativity, Santarcangelo dei Teatri organizes the oldest Italian festival dedicated to the contemporary stage arts and one of the most important European events within the ambit of dance and theatre. The international nature of the performers and the relationship with the Santarcangelo’s public spaces and its citizens as a whole.