Wednesday 3 May 2023 - Sunday 28 May 2023

exhibitionSurrounded by farawayPhotography, digital painting and drawing by Dieter Nuhr

corner MAXXI
Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm
free admittance

Dedicated to the scenic beauty of the planet, the exhibition is a journey that invites and inspires us all to dream.

Dieter Nuhr’s dreamlike artistic journey continues with the exhibition Surrounded by faraway.His digital paintings based on photography show the world, caught on camera, in a colorfully blurred and veiled state of memory into which the real place has dissolved with increasing time and distance. His artistic focus is thus not only on the question of what is, but rather on the emphasis of what remains.

After his exhibitions in Hagen (GE), Venice (IT) and Dakar (SN), the German artist now dialogues with Rome, the eternal and immortal city, ambassador of culture throughout the centuries, and brings parts of his cultural impressions in form of landscapes, architecture, or people he encountered during his world travels and back home, at the Ruhr region, to Italy’s capital.