19 June 2018 > 02 September 2018

Artapes. Jonathas de Andrade

#Artapes #JonathasDeAndrade

video gallery – admission free for everyone from Tuesday to Friday and every first Sunday of the month
curated by Giulia Ferracci

Anthropology, pedagogy, politics and morals to presents the paradoxes of Modernist culture

The artist Jonathas de Andrade collects and catalogues images, texts, life stories and materials on architecture and uses memory to put together a personal narrative of the past.

The series of films, produced within the ambit of artapes, the programme of screenings in collaboration with In Between Art Film, presents for the first time in Italy some of the artist’s most important video works, including the latest Voyeuristico, a film that offers an unusual view of the private lives of the passers by on the streets of Recife and São Paulo.

Jonathas de Andrade, O Peixe (The Fish), 2016. Courtesy Galleria Continua and Galeria Vermelho