Foto © Musacchio, Ianniello & Pasqualini
Sunday 2 February 2020 ore 12:00 - ore 13:30

Free guided tour.Pimpa, Cipputi and other thinkers

Free guided tour thanks to Groupama Assicurazioni with the purchase of an entrance ticket to the museum

A guided tour of the exhibition Altan. Pimpa, Cipputi and other thinkers.

Starting out from the Zaha Hadid’s peculiar architecture, this guided tour continues with the exhibition by Altan: a comprehensive review recounting in an articulated presentation his complete oeuvre including original drawings, posters, illustrations, paintings, sketches, panels, books and film clips.

We advise you to make reservations by 1:00 PM on the previous Friday writing to or directly at the museum info point up to half an hour before the start of the tour, until full capacity (max. 25 participants).