Thursday 9 March 2023 ore 18:00 - 19:00

books at MAXXI100 anni con Jacovittiby Stefano Milioni and Edgardo Colabelli

Carlo Scarpa hall
free admission subject to availability
event in Italian

Benito Jacovitti was born in Termoli on 9 March 1923: one hundred years after his birth, an event dedicated to the famous Italian cartoonist.

He was little more than a child when he began to enchant adults and schoolmates with his drawings and characters. Over time Jacovitti developed a surreal style, full of comic elements, invented a language, creating characters such as Pippo Pertica & Palla, Cip l’Arcipoliziotto, Mrs Carlomagno, Cocco Bill, Zorry Kid, who entered the history of 20th-century comics.

Alessandro Giuli Fondazione MAXXI President

Edgardo Colabelli founder Jacovitti Club and Casa Museo Benito Jacovitti
Simone Cristicchi singer-songwriter
Stefano Milioni journalist and writer
Luca Salvagno cartoonist

In collaboration with Ballon’s Art. With the support of BPER Banca.

individual seats reserved for myMAXXI card holders by writing to mymaxxi@fondazionemaxxi.it, by the day before the event