FOOD dal cucchiaio al mondo

Curated by Pippo Ciorra, Alessio Rosati
Quodlibet Edition
Recanati 2015
265 pages
Italian/English edition

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, the catalog collects the works on display at MAXXI to investigate the relationship between food and space and the spatial effects played by the former at all scales. From the most intimate and personal to the global dimension, the book tracks the movement of food, from production to disposal, to reveal how what we eat daily contributes to give shape to our body as well as to the environment at large.
Subdivided into six different chapters – Body, House, Street, City, Landscape, World – the catalog further explores the research developed for the exhibition through a rich array of new texts. Architects and three-star rated chefs, historians and entrepreneurs, scientists and journalists, theorists and craftsmen from all over the world contribute with essays, stories and interviews to reflect on food and its pervasiveness in our lives. Art and architecture but also philosophy and economics, science and geopolitics are the pieces that make up this great mosaic aimed at illustrating what food represents today. From the spoon to the world.

With texts, among the others, of: Pippo Ciorra, CRIMSON Architectural Historians, FAO Global Perspectives Studies Team, Oscar Farinetti, Terunobu Fujimori, Luca Iaccarino, Richard Ingersoll, Thomas Keller, Juliet Kinchin, Rahul Mehrotra e Michael Jen, Monsanto, Fabio Nonis, Davide Paolini, Carolyn Steel, Slow Food, Antonio Tubelli, Pietro Veronese, WFP

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