Bob Dylan. Retrospectrum

edited by Shai Baitel
essays by Shai Baitel, Caterina Caselli, Bob Dylan, Alain Elkann, Anne-Marie Mai, Richard Prince, Greg Tate
bilingual edition in Italian and English
Skira, 2022
224 pages
32,5 × 26 cm
€ 35

Published on the occasion of the exhibition of Bob Dylan. Retrospectrum at MAXXI, the exhibition’s first European venue after the Modern Art Museum (MAM), Shanghai, China and the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum in Miami, Florida.The work presents an overview of Bob Dylan’s creativity as a painter and sculptor in over 100 drawings, paintings, metal sculptures and videos. With contributions from leading writers, thinkers, and artists—among them Richard Prince, Anne-Marie Mai, Greg Tate, and Alain Elkann—the publication describes the transformative sources and styles that have inspired and influenced Dylan over the years.
It traces the persistent evolution of Dylan’s work as he continually makes new encounters with ever-changing environments and people, reflecting the sensibility of a genuinely original artistic voice. As stated by the Editor of the catalogue “Celebrating the prolific life and work of Bob Dylan, this book for Retrospectrum compiles original writings from leading artistic and literary voices. It is virtually impossible to comprehensively represent Dylan’s vast talents and prolific art, but this book offers a poetic and intimate perspective into his works’ impact and influence.”

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