Biasucci, Antonio

In the photography of Antonio Biasucci (Dragoni, CE 1961) the Campania region is a revelatory microcosm, a reservoir of images that allude to the complex structures of memory and tradition, a research that traverses familiar places with the objective of going beyond them, stripping them of their subjective characteristics. The images shatter the confines of known things and pass into a domain that is always “elsewhere”, a territory surrounded by strange silences, perhaps also by deliberate coldness. “It’s a very strong, very ancient silence, that Biasucci poetically indicates, with photographs full of introversion, that we would like to define as verging on reality. And there is, in this withdrawal, something unresolved.”
A reality that generates questions; hypotheses that that the photograph tears from the latency and the black and white isolates in the space as silhouettes. “I am the advocate of the circumscribed place, absolutely convinced that one may express everything in a very small space, in which one concentrates on a few elements with which one initiates a dialogue-confrontation… I gradually transform the circumscribed place into a “zone”, into something that also has a strong psychological connotation.”
In the photographs for Cantiere d’autore, there are no general views: the gaze is close up, focussed on the site’s objects and materials – rebar, tarpaulins, polystyrene – that through Biasucci’s vision are transfigured, acquire life and memory, referencing a past time rather than an imminent future.