Battaglia, Nunzio

Born in Gela (1958, after graduating in architecture Nunzio Battaglia moved to Milan to devote himself to artistic research and photography. “In 1992 I began investigating the trail that Ghiri had blazed. I began to gain an awareness of the “journey” and the relationship with the landscape.”
Through landscapes, therefore, alternating with reflection on the metamorphosis of urban spaces and investigations into the territory, into cultural changes and into the spiritual nature of space. A commitment which the artist puts into act by searching through photography for that link between analysis and sentiment in the landscape, between the painstaking study of spaces and private geography. An attitude that also determines the “position” of the photographer in the world: “Photography cannot be generated in the studio or drawn by night or written on the edge of a table. It needs, and it feeds on, a direct observation of reality.”
In the photographs realised for atlante italiano003 around the great Apennine parks of Tuscany, Umbria, Marche and Trentino-Alto Adige, Battaglia tackles the theme ( with a gaze that is at times ironic – when he encounters a landscape that is intended to appear natural but which instead proves to be hyper-designed – at others sincerely admiring in the face of the disarming and eternal power of beauty.