Aymonino, Carlo

Carlo Aymonino (1926-2010) has been a multi-faceted figure within Italian architecture, beginning his activities immediately following the end of WWII. He always managed to combine his profession and intellectual passion together with his political commitments. Aymonino started his career working alongside with Quaroni and Ridolfi on the Tiburtino quarter project in Rome (1949/54). After his apprenticeship, he embarked on his career as a designer, acclaiming international fame with the construction of the Monte Amiata residential complex in the Gallaratese 2 district (Milan, 1967/72). During the 1970s and 1980s, the designs of the courthouse in Ferrara, of the temporary housing and the secondary school complex in Pesaro marked the most significant milestones of his research studies, in which he associated typological complexity with geometrical rigour. His most recent projects include: the reconstruction of the Colosseum area as well as the foundations of the Colossus (1982/84), and most recent of all, the construction of the roof of the so-called Roman Garden in the Capitoline Museums (1993/96). Both projects have been included in the MAXXI Architettura collection since 2009. Aymonino has been both a professor and the Rector of the IUAV (Venice University Institute of Architecture); he was the first alderman for the historical city centre of the Municipality of Rome (1980/84). He has been “accademico” of the Roman St. Luca‘s Academy as well as the author of a great number of books on architecture.

Carlo Aymonino, Copertura del Giardino Romano in Campidoglio, 1993/96 (part.)