Nemesi Studio was founded in Rome in 1997 and soon became a landmark in  contemporary Italian and foreign architecture.
Since 2002, Michael Mole is its sole director.
The research and the professional activity of the firm are reflected today into works characterised by a fine and secure language, as result of meticulous work on the form and its underlying language able to express technological and functional contents, through coherent and poetic overtures.
Nemesi architecture is the result of an analytical process that elaborates the different environmental, cultural, social and financial input, that affect the project.
The research on the architectural language is always accompanied by an executive refinement  and by a control capacity of the project in all its phases, from feasibility studies and elaboration of master plans for urban transformation areas, to the  development of architectural design in all stages. Nemesi follows an approach of integrated and environmentally sustainable architecture, where the dialogue and coordination among the specialists involved is the main key.
In recent years, through the activities of the competition office, Nemesi was interested in a larger international market, improving a network of qualified professionals for the managing of complex projects.
Many of the major tasks assigned to the Firm derive from the results obtained in design competition, public and private.
Since 2007 Nemesi Studio is supported by a company that integrates additional support services and management of project, named Nemesi &Partners.

NEMESI STUDIO, Master Plan per Complesso Residenziale e Terziario, Atasehir, Istanbul, Turchia, 2008, (Medaglia d’Oro alla Triennale di Sofia 2009)