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permanent exhibition

MAXXI Collection. The Place to Be

The new presentation of the collection begins in the museum piazza and proceeds without interruptions on the ground floor.

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23 June 2017 - 14 January 2018

Zaha Hadid in Italy

One of the most influential and visionary architects of our time who redefined the architecture of the 21st century, capturing the imagination of the whole world.

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15 November 2017 - 20 May 2018

Home Beirut. Sounding the Neighbors

Terzo capitolo del progetto "Interactions across the Mediterranean", il ciclo espositivo attraverso il quale il MAXXI esplora l'interazione tra le comunità artistiche d'Europa e del Medio Oriente.

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permanent exhibition

Incontri Internazionali d’Arte 1970 – 1981

A collection of documents from the Archivio Incontri Internazionali d'Arte collection

Currently on
27 September 2017 - 26 November 2017

Kemang Wa Lehulere. Bird Song

The first solo show in Italy for the Deutsche Bank’s Artist of the Year 2017

Currently on
15 November 2017 - 14 January 2018

Body, movement, structure. Contemporary jewellery and its construction

Connections, relationships, balance of weight and volumes: a common lexicon shared by jewellery and architecture.

Currently on
15 November 2017 - 11 February 2018

artapes. Home Beirut Sounding the Neighbors

On the occasion of the exhibition aimed at analysing important phenomena of contemporary society through the city of Beirut, a screening programme to better know the history of cinema and the role of the media in Beirut.

Currently on
12 October 2017 - 26 November 2017

THE INDEPENDENT. Institute for Provocation

Theoretical studies and artistic practice for interdisciplinary knowledge.

02 December 2017 - 29 April 2018

Gravity. Imaging the Universe after Einstein

Space-time, crises, confines: an exploration via mutually dependent and interconnected key concepts

02 December 2017 - 25 February 2018


A reflection on utopian theories and their development within the urban setting.