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permanent exhibition

MAXXI Collection. The Place to Be

The new presentation of the collection begins in the museum piazza and proceeds without interruptions on the ground floor.

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13 April 2017 - 15 October 2017


Fifty-year career in which art, criticism and politics are intertwined

Currently on
06 May 2017 - 13 September 2017

Focus Bruna Esposito. E così sia…

In occasione di The Place To Be il MAXXI dedica a Bruna Esposito il primo Focus di approfondimento sulla Collezione permanente.

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23 June 2017 - 29 October 2017

YONA FRIEDMAN. Mobile Architecture, People’s Architecture

The intense and conflictual relationship between the Utopian dimension of design and its realization

Currently on
23 June 2017 - 14 January 2018

Zaha Hadid in Italy

One of the most influential and visionary architects of our time who redefined the architecture of the 21st century, capturing the imagination of the whole world.

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permanent exhibition

Incontri Internazionali d’Arte 1970 – 1981

A collection of documents from the Archivio Incontri Internazionali d'Arte collection

Currently on
06 May 2017 - 29 October 2017

Interiors. The Rooms of Everyday Life

The paths that have guided interior design from the early 20th century to the present day

Currently on
23 June 2017 - 22 October 2017

L’effimero in scena. Omaggio al Teatrino Scientifico dell’Estate Romana

In occasione dei suoi 40 anni, l'Estate Romana rivive al MAXXI con la ricostruzione parziale di uno dei luoghi più iconici della sua storia

Currently on
13 April 2017 - 23 July 2017

THE INDEPENDENT. Radical Intention

A project dealing with the concept of self-narration inspired by the Democracy Wall

28 June 2017 - 23 July 2017

artapes #2. Chantal Akerman. From the other side

La prima retrospettiva italiana dedicata all'artista, filmaker, sceneggiatrice, scrittrice e attrice belga