OSA architettura e paesaggio

OSA architettura e paesaggio is  an architecture, urban and landscape design office in Rome, set up in 2007.
It works crosswise in landscape design, architecture and city planning, thanks to the complementary share of the various professionals who are part of it. Through design, Osa aims to integrate the various components of habitat: buildings and urban phenomena, indoor and outdoor spaces and inhabitants behaviors. Osa architettura and Osa paesaggio are also autonomous design units that offer advisory services and projects on specific issues to external entities, public as well as private.
Osa architettura is engaged in architecture and urban design, from housing to public buildings, assuming city design as an essential background. Osa paesaggio deals with open space design as places to habit in, working on enhancement, restoration or creation of new landscapes.
Osa is: Massimo Acito, Marco Burrascano, Luca Catalano, Annalisa Metta, Luca Reale, Caterina Rogai

OSA, Piazza J.F.Kennedy, Ravenna 2010