Yona Friedman. Mobile Architecture, People’s Architecture. Courtesy Fondazione MAXXI
Wednesday 25 October 2017 ore 18:00 - ore 19:30

Writings on Yona Friedman

Carlo Scarpa hall
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On the occasion of the Yona Friedman. Mobile Architecture, People’s Architecture exhibition, the MAXXI is to present two volumes devoted to the architect who rose to prominence thanks to his theory on Mobile Architecture.

Yona Friedman. How to live with others without being either slaves or masters

Curated by Franco Bunčuga – preface by Manuel Orazi
Eleuthera publishing house

Friedman used his dry visual language when drafting this small manual for concrete utopians, where he describes how to live with others without dominating or being dominated by others. By use of both ingenious and essential sketches complemented by Friedman’s very handwriting, the author unveils the mechanisms underlying personal relationships, thereby showing the hierarchical and power dynamics that are involuntarily reproduced in public spaces and interpersonal relationships.

Yona Friedman. Tetti (Roofs)

Curated by Andrea Bocco
Quodlibet publishing house

Tetti (Roofs), the first draft of which was written in the ‘70s, contains practical information (tested by the very author on behalf of UNESCO) on how to build roofs and shelters suiting the material needs of poor people living in Third World countries. This composite work shows that Friedman had already decided to focus his interventions on how to involve inhabitants in the planning of their habitat: “Housing problems do not only involve the poor. We want to propose interesting solutions for all societies”.

Elena Motisi MAXXI curator

Franco Bunčuga Architecture and History of Art professor
Manuel Orazi architecture historian
Andrea Bocco Architecture professor at the Polytechnic University of Turin