Cosimo Terlizzi, La Bestia, 2016
Friday 14 October 2016 - Sunday 23 October 2016

Level 0Vittorio Mortarotti and Anush Hamzehian, Cosimo Terlizzi

Museum Hall

On the occasion of ArtVerona, MAXXI will be participating in the project Level 0the initiative born in 2013 that sees a number of Italian contemporary art museum and institution directors identifying from among those on show in the fair, one or more artists, making a commitment to promote them within the following year as part of their cultural programming, in a simple but functional manner destined for a broad audience keen to be informed about contemporary research.

MAXXI has selected the duo Vittorio Mortarotti and Anush Hamzehian, represented by the Galleria Van Der of Turin and Cosimo Terlizzi represented by the Traffic Gallery of Bergamo.

In the museum hall it will be possible to view a video adaption of the installation Eden (2015) by Vittorio Mortarotti and Anush Hamzehian, a work on “confines and the confined” created on the frontier of Agarak, the final Armenian village before the Iranian border, through the stories and hopes of those who pass the confine and those that cannot do so. In the case of Cosimo Terlizzi there will be a presentation of a selection of his videos, in particular Fratelli Fava (2008), La Benedizione degli Animali (2013), La Bestia (2016), which chronologically trace the evolution of the artist’s work and from which emerge the principal theme of his work which lies in the investigation of the relationship between the human being and his or her environment and the search for identity.