Saturday 21 May 2016 ore 11:30 - ore 13:30

The Histories of Art.On the principles of literary composition | Seminar with Tommaso Pincio

MAXXI Auditorium – admittance €5.00; admittance to 5 seminars €20.00; free for myMAXXI card holders. The purchase of a ticket allows for reduced price museum entrance (€8.00) within one week of issue.

Five seminars with international philosophers, composers, artists, choreographers and writers to explore and comprehend the expressive idioms of contemporary creativity.

In literature, rather than with narrative prose the term composition is generally associated with poetry. However, if rather than from this last the concept and term compistion is drawn from architecture, then one enters into a metaphor of narrative “construction”. In this last seminar we ask how from time to time the structural equilibrium and the ornament of execution come into conflict or harmony, while that between “inside” and “out” immediately becomes a fundamental dialectic. However, when faced with a construction – whether it be of bricks or words – we should be asking whether it belongs to us (and therefore us to it) or not.

Tommaso Pincio (Rome, 1963) is the author of a number of novels including Un amore dell’altro mondo and Cinecittà (published by Einaudi) and the most recent Panorama published by Enne Enne Editore and the winner of the Sinbad Prize 2015 for Italian narrative.

The Histories of Art. On the principles of composition
13 February – 21 May 2016

Now returning in its fourth edition, The Histories of Art is a series of seminars dedicated to the history of contemporary art from 1960 to the present day, organized according to chronological and thematic issues dealing with the last 40 years of artistic research and production. The seminars are led by critics, gallerists, curators, artists and university lecturers.
Introductions by Andrea Cortellessa.