Wednesday 22 January 2020, 19:00 - 20:30
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Ogni parola che sapevo by Andrea Vianello

MAXXI auditorium – free admittance until full capacity
10 individual seats reserved for myMAXXI cardholders writing to by the day before the event.

Andrea Vianello talks about his stroke using lost and new words to describe the personal ordeal of those who discover their physical vulnerability. 

The story that Andrea Vianello has decided to tell is the story of a stroke, his stroke. An emergency operation managed to keep him alive, but nothing could be done for the damage that was already caused: his words were suddenly lost. A terrible prospect for anyone, but even more for him, who has turned words into an identity and a job, that of a television journalist.

Ogni parola che sapevo (every word I knew) is a journey into a widespread hell, that of strokes and the damage they cause that, at times, require a therapeutic and rehabilitative path which does not exclude their recurrence. However, the interesting aspect, which makes his testimony a story to read, is that new words are added to those that Vianello already knew. 

Giovanna Melandri Fondazione MAXXI President

Stefano Coletta Rai1 Director
Marino Sinibaldi Rai Radio3 Director
Simona Sparaco author and screenwriter
Andrea Vianello journalist, radio and television presenter

Francesco Siciliano

In collaboration with Mondadori