open call
Wednesday 21 June 2017 - Monday 4 September 2017

Zaha Hadid in Italy. Photo contest

On the occasion of the exhibition Zaha Hadid in Italy MAXXI is promoting a photography contest open to all, with participants asked to provide their own reinterpretation of the extraordinary architecture built in Italy by the Anglo-Iraqi architect.

How does it integrate with the landscape and how does it dialogue with the context? How is it experienced and how is it perceived by the people who inhabit it? What are the least well-known and most obscure aspects of these projects?

The best shots will be selected and incorporated within the exhibition while the winning photographers will receive a complimentary MAXXI entrance ticket to be used during the period of the exhibition.

How it works
The contest is open to all, including amateur photographers and enthusiasts.
Participants can enter and send their shots by completing the form below from 21 June through to 4 September 2017.
A jury of experts will select the photos that best interpret the sense of the contest. These shots will then be incorporated in the exhibition Zaha Hadid in Italy from the month of September 2017.

What architecture?
The contest features the following five projects:
– the Terminal Marittimo in Salerno
– the Messner Mountain Museum at Plan de Corones
– the Generali Tower and CityLife housing complex in Milan
– the Afragola high speed rail station
– MAXXI in Rome

An eye on MAXXI!
The MAXXI as you have never seen it before project will be revived on the occasion of the exhibition: guided tours exploring frequently inaccessible viewpoints and less well-known spaces. What better opportunity for a truly original shot?!

The contest is closed!


Agnoletto Alberto, Ambrosino Gennaro, Anastasio Emanuele, Apicella Davide, Arcangeli Matteo, Ausiello Raffaele, Baroni Silvia, Beltrame Claudio, Beltrame Luca, Ceriani Andrea, Chimienti Ornella, Concas Daniela, D’Errico Giovanni, Donazza Emanuele, Esposito Andrea, Fabozzo Michela, Falcone Marco, Firoz Mahmud, Ganthaler Oswald, Ghizzoni Alice, Giardino Antonia, Lansarotti Davide, Lanzi Massimo, Maddaloni Andrea, Marrone Gianni, Modesti Giovanni, Modica Giorgio, Montorio Giulio, Moscariello Salvatore, Nardozzi Antonio, Palmia Fabio, Phelps Bill, Pietrelli Elisabetta, Pitasi Luca, Rossi Filippo, Sammarco Francesco, Santelli Giuseppe, Santoro Giacomo, Saporito Giulia, Scala Carmela, Vannelli Giovangiuseppe, Villani Elisa, Visintini Luca