Thursday 1 January 1970

L’ambiente si nota. Spazzatour

Saturday 28 September

EcoMusicLab Workshop
Education Department Building – admittance free, reservations required

What is creative recycling? Constructing musical instruments, the children learn about “eco-sustainable behaviour”.
Recycled materials brought from home become instruments to play in an improvised performance open to all!
Suggested materials: plastic bottles, jars and cans, wooden boxes, polystyrene, cardboard, newspapers, pieces of card and paper, cardboard tubes, old brooms, dry branches, string, wool, rope, fishing line, tapes, pieces of cloth, shells, stones, corks, metal, plastic.

Concert by the Di Scartus Prototypes
MAXXI Piazza, YAP Space – admittance free

A true concert with self-built instruments and recycling advice: this is ecomusic, the music produced on the basis of the criteria of sustainability.
Event promoted by Pentapolis Onlus, in collaboration with the Vibrations cultural association

The event is part of the YAP MAXXI 2013 – Summer Program