Thursday 5 February 2015 ore 17:30 -

Lina Bo Bardi in Brazil. The Casa de Vidro

Archives Centre Study Room – admittance free while places available

The first of three seminars linked to the exhibition Lina Bo Bardi in Italia. “Quello che volevo, era avere Storia”.

“The influence of architecture might in the future be even more significant than in the past and, naturally, different.
Architecture as inhabited, human space is a powerful and responsible aspect
of human behaviour and even happiness.
And in this sense the Modern Movement continues.”

Lina Bo Bardi

The lesson of Lina Bo Bardi, synthetically but clearly transmitted in these her own words, finds architectural expression in the project that Lina conceived and realised in 1951 for what was always to be her home in Brazil: the Casa de vidro in Sao Paulo, an icon of her architectural output.

Alessandra Muntoni architect, one of the founders of the Gruppo Metamorph in 1965, professor of the History of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, La Sapienza Universtiy, Rome.
Margherita Guccione Director MAXXI Architettura
Domenico De Masi sociologist and professor of Sociology of Labour at La Sapienza University, Rome