Thursday 12 May 2016 ore 15:00 - ore 18:00

The museum in the classroom – III edition

Class IC Largo Castelseprio – Largo Castelseprio, 9, Labaro, Rome
admittance free

If it is true that the museum should reach out to the public by emerging from its container and sharing its collections, why not take art to public spaces and begin with schools? The project entitled The museum in the classroom was born in 2014 with this objective and is now in its third edition.

Starting out from the latest presentation of the museum’s permanent collections devoted to the theme of composition, the project team (composed of MAXXI education staff and the artist Pietro Ruffo, the school head and the teaching staff of the “Largo Castelseprio” comprehensive school) led the 140 pupils of the 3rd year classes along an educational path that has resulted in the creation of a collective work, the fruit of diverse operations of reproduction and manipulation of aerial photographs of the Labaro quarter in which the school is situated.

Pietro Ruffo and the students will be presenting the work Labaro blu, tracing the research and productive phases that led to its creation.

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