Friday 22 July 2016 ore 18:00 - Saturday 23 July 2016 06:00


Marzocca di Senigallia – Ancona
Lungomare Italia 11

Demanio Marittimo.KM-278, the nocturnal beach marathon conceived and curated by Cristiana Colli and Pippo Ciorra, returns for its sixth edition. The event is promoted by the magazine MAPPE – Gagliadini Editore and by the Associazione Demanio Marittimo Km-278, in collaboration with MAXXI – the National Museum of XXI Century Arts, the Marche Region and the Municipality of Senigallia and supported by a broad network of national and international businesses, institutions and cultural associations.

An uninterrupted 12-hour flow dedicated to contemporary culture – art, architecture, design, food, enterprise and innovation – for a representation of the Adriatic and the beach as a public space and a place in which to meet

Numerous guests are awaited at the seaside, form the world of architecture with Superstudio, Daniel Libeskind and Mario Cucinella, together with photographers such as Olivo Barbieri and Petra Noordkamp, thinkers and academic such as the sociologist Aldo Bonomi and the geneticist Edoardo Boncinelli. And then there is contemporary art with the young artists invited by Andrea Bruciati, the performers Adina Mocanu & Alexandra Sand, as well as art in relation to architecture and society through the projects of a great international artist such as Alfredo Jaar, live from Santiago de Chile to present the project The Gift.

Meetings, readings, lectures, exhibitions, performances, installations, video screenings, talks, tastings and presentations of projects, books and films will transform the beach into a place for discussion and narration regarding design, culture and innovation and the contemporary histories and geographies.

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