12 February 2020

Cinema al MAXXI - Extra DOC Festival. Alberto Sordi, un italiano come noi

Nel centenario della nascita, il film che racconta l’attore che meglio ha rispecchiato e scavato nello spirito nazionale.

11 February 2020

Philosophical practices on spirituality. About the Mandala

Three meetings to reflect on spirituality and investigate through the dialogue between the visible and invisible, between what we think and what we feel.

11 February 2020

Lezioni Olivettiane®. Adriano Olivetti’s designers. Industrial Design con Domitilla Dardi e Perry King

Three meetings dedicated to advertising graphics, interior design, product design, and all creatives who have made the image of the Ivrea factory famous throughout the world.

09 February 2020

Free guided tour. At Home. Projects for contemporary housing.

A guided tour the exhibition "At Home. Projects for contemporary housing".

08 February 2020

The Histories of Architecture. Gio Ponti and the city
 with Giorgio Ciucci

Four meetings to know Ponti's multi-faceted activities, which include architecture, design, teaching, publishing, decoration, and scenography.

08 February 2020 - 09 February 2020

Cultural mediation. on the spiritual matter of art

Every weekend our cultural mediators accompany you on an exploration of the works in the #spiritualealMAXXI exhibition.

07 February 2020

Books at MAXXI. Gio Ponti unpublished. Notre Dame de Sion, Rome curated by Cinzia Abbate and Carlo Vigevano

Original images and designs of the restoration project that recovered the symbolic and artistic meaning of the building.

06 February 2020

Talk. Luca Vitone

We retrace the steps of the research work behind Romanistan, the project that won the 2018 Italian Council award.

06 February 2020

Libri al MAXXI. Bruno Zevi e la didattica dell’architettura

Il metodo Zevi, dentro e fuori dagli spazi universitari, raccontato dalla Sapienza tra voce, fotografia, modelli e video.

05 February 2020

Books at MAXXI. Alla voce Cultura by Massimo Bray

In an era of transformations, culture is the engine for the development of knowledge, participation, and democracy.

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