Wednesday 13 July 2016 ore 19:30 - ore 21:30

MAXXI Temporary SchoolArtificial Nature!

A YAP FEST 2016 event
MAXXI Piazza, YAP Space – admittance free subject to availability of places
curated by PARASITE 2.0

Three seminars with scientists, theorists and designers, followed by screenings in order to explore the implications of the recognition of the Anthropocene

A philosopher, a journalist and a sociologist discuss the way in which anthropization and the processes of civilization may tackle the issue of the elevated degree of artificiality striking living organisms, in the light of the theories around Transhumanism that support the use of scientific discoveries to enhance physical and cognitive capacities and fight disease and ageing.

The Anthropocene in fact coincides with the era in which the limits between artifice and nature have been erased: it is no longer possible to distinguish between artificial and natural products as their characteristics have been combined in a new form.

Leonardo Caffo, Giacomo Certini, Cristian Fuschetto, Riccardo Scalenghe

Silvia Franceschini researcher and curator

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to follow:
Petite Histoire des plateaux abbandonnès by Rä di Martino (2011/2014)
Arsa_Restoring the world by Giorgia Severi (2013)
curated by Rossella Farinotti

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