Tuesday 1 December 1970

21 for XXI. New Italian churches

Tuesday 30 April 2013, 17.30
MAXXI Auditorium – admittance free

21 Italian architectural firms, 21 projects, three winners to construct three new Catholic churches in Ferrara and the provinces of Olbia and Coscenza:  the results of the sixth series of national competitions organized by the Italian Episcopal Conference, for the realization of new parish buildings.

On the occasion of the exhibition 21 for XXI. New Italian churches (at MAXXI from 2 May through to 2 June 2013), which presents the projects developed for this edition and illustrates the long and complex process that preceded it and flanked production, MAXXI is staging a seminar to introduce the winners and to explore the use of the competition format as an instrument for promoting architectural quality.

S.E. mons. Mariano Crociata, General Secretary of the IEC.

Benedetta Tagliabue, winner of the Northern Italy section
For the parish church of S. Giacomo Apostolo in Ferrara (Ferrara – Comacchio) Tagliabue has proposed a building with light, organic architecture that contrasts with the solid, compact materiality of the Ferrara’s historic constructions.

Francesca Leto, winner of the Central Italy section
For the parish church of S. Ignazio da Laconi in Olbia (Tempio Ampurias – Olbia) Leto has designed a building with a vertical configuration, its volume perfectly delineated, white, with no interruptions between roof and walls.

Mario Cucinella, winner of the Southern Italy section
For the church of S. Maria Goretti in Mormanno (Cassano all’Jonio – Cosenza) Cucinella has designed a solitary, unique and unrepeatable work, in which the entrance portal and the cross become essential elements inspired by the curves of Baroque architecture.