César Meneghetti. I\O è un altro

curated by Simonetta Lux
Silvana Editoriale
Milano 2015
290 pages
ed. Italian/English

Published on the occasion of the exhibition at MAXXI, this catalogue documents the work of César Meneghetti on disability, marginalization and social distress. Conceived entirely by the artist himself, the catalogue brings together images, fragments of dialogue, memories and reflections by people with diverse forms of mental and physical disability. A constellation of voices and images give life to a story that intends to deconstruct the prejudices of society with respect to the other because, as the artist says, “it is necessary to find new points of view, new reflections that we pseudo-normals are no longer capable of seeing.” Along with the essay by Simonetta Lux, which contextualises César’s work, the book is equipped with an appendix comprising with the principal laws dealing with these issues, a glossary of pathologies, a list of the artist’s exhibitions and his bibliography.