Sunday 9 April 2017 - Thursday 20 April 2017

Next Africa

Corner D and outside area
curated by Ilaria Prili

Development is freedom

The words are those of the well-known Noble prize-winner Amartya Kumar Sen and represent an opportunity for reflection on the fact that the key to progress is the capacity for offering stable production and supply of energy.

Riccardo Venturi, an internationally renowned photo-reporter, and Lorenzo Colantoni, journalist and videomaker, help us discover a world of heart-rending beauty in a spectacular new exhibition of 50 colour photos and three multimedia videos that offer us a chance to explore the reality they represent.

The exhibition Next Africa describes three developing countries that see renewable energy as the backbone of industry and the most important among the factors capable of making a concrete change to the daily lives of millions of people in that they are elements with the potential to make or break the new “African growth”.

See and touch the past and the future of Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda as the emblem and symbol of the rehabilitation of an entire continent.

On the 9th of April, the exhibition, organized by Enel Green Power, will be accompanied by showcases that show how the production and use of renewable energy can consolidate the growth of local economies in rural African contexts and by a workshop conducted by Liter of Light, an ONLUS founded in 2011 with the aim of bringing eco-sustainable illumination to peoples with limited or no access to electricity.

The exhibition is being held on the occasion of the GT ENERGY conference, organized by RES4Africa and Enel Foundation, in collaboration with the Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean Association (RES4MED), Africa EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) and Enel Green Power.