Don’t Miss a Sec’., 2004 © Monica Bonvicini und VG Bild-Kunst photo: Brøndum & Co., Poul Buchard
Wednesday 23 January 2019 ore 18:00 - 19:30

Auteur conversations.Monica Bonvicini in conversation with Hou Hanru

lobby / archive wall – admittance free subject to availability of places thanks to BMW

A cycle of events on the occasion of the exhibition The Street. Where the world is made

Starting from the work Don’t Miss a Sec’ (2004), on display in the exhibition, which has been conceived to be used as a public toilet, artist Monica Bonvicini invites visitors to question the border between public and private, compelling us not to “lose a second” of what happens around us, in the street.

Monica Bonvicini originally became famous as a visual artist, and she started to exhibit her works on an International level in the mid-Nineties. She translates her multifaceted practice, which investigates the relationship between architecture, power, genre, space, surveillance, and control, into works which question the meaning of doing art, the ambiguity of the language, the limits and possibilities connected to the ideal of freedom.

Monica Bonvicini artist
Hanru Hou MAXXI Artistic Director


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