Thursday 18 April 2019 ore 18:00 - 19:30

Street Music | Rap.The birth of contemporary music

MAXXI Auditorium – entrance 5 euro – subscription to three meetings 10 euro
free for holders of the myMAXXI card until full capacity

curated by Ernesto Assante and Gino Castaldo

The street is the place of popular music, a physical place but also, and above all, a conceptual space, an idea, around which much music has been written, sung, and played. Indeed, along the roads of music dreams, visions, thoughts, ideas were born, which have found different forms, which have turned into songs, works, and compositions. The aim of these meetings is to draw a map of the rich, complex, fruitful relationship between the street and music, a relationship that we could say was born with the music itself, which passed through folk, rock, blues and, today, rap. Three appointments to retrace the long road that leads to us.

with Militant A

Many years ago, Chuck D of Public Enemy said, “rap is the CNN of the ghettos”. Maybe it is not like that today, but certainly the language of rap has emerged from the African American ghettos and has become the language of the streets around the world, from the French banlieus to the Italian suburbs, from the faraway streets of London to the streets of the African or Arab worlds. The real and only musical language of the street today is rap, the hip hop culture has made the street its own scenario where to represent life in all its forms through love, anger, passion, dreams, frustrations, and desires. That of Militant A, from Assalti Frontali, is a story of roads and meetings. He will talk about his experience of the roads of words marked by rhythm. Militant A has recently published the book “Conquista il tuo quartiere e conquisterai il mondo – La mia vita con il rap” [Conquer your neighbourhood and conquer the world – My life with rap] (Edizioni Goodfellas editors).