Wednesday 4 May 2016 ore 19:30 - ore 20:30

Fermenti. Conversations around science and creative disciplines.Perceiving space

Graziella Lonardi Buontempo – admittance free while places available

A cycle of three seminars to spread awareness of scientific research and its connections with the world of contemporary creativity.

A dialogue, a discussion about the most advanced experimentation in the medical-scientific world and 21st century creativity in order to highlight connections, relationships and conflicts, to increase awareness and better understanding of the two areas of investigation.

Human beings spend 90% of their lives in structures they have created, be they homes or places of work, worship or recreation. It has recently become possible to measure the sensorial and emotional perception of these spaces through portable devices recording brain activity. The seminar will feature a discussion of examples of the extent of this cerebral impact caused by the architectural structures of churches and museums, both old and new.


Anna Barbara architect and research at Milan Polytechnic
Fabio Babiloni electronic engineer and lecturer in Physiology at La Sapienza University, Rome


Renato Sartini scientific journalist

An event in collaboration with the Istituto Pasteur Italia