Photo © by Enikö Nagy
Wednesday 19 October 2016 - Sunday 6 November 2016

Sand in my eyes. Sudanese moments

Corner D – admittance free

The author-photographer Enikö Nagy has spent a number of years collecting photographic documents and oral testimony regarding moments of the everyday lives of over 45 Sudanese tribes and ethnic communities, travelling 30,000 kilometres to produce this photographic and literary book.

A mosaic of images and words, selected from over 26,000 photos and 2,500 recordings of traditional narrations from Sudan

Structured across a day from dawn to dusk in various places, the visual narration explores the rich and variegated cultural models and the philosophy of life in Sudan. The photos capture the atmospheres and the poetry of daily life and the rare ceremonies, while the popular stories, the legends, the myths, the poetry, the proverbs and the anecdotes introduce us to the social fabric.

Enikö Nagy was born in Romania to a family of Hungarian origins and grew up in Germany. A former consultant on development and a UNESCO international expert, she works as a freelance consultant for development in Sudan where she has been living for 10 years and has curated various publications, opening new spaces for reflection.

An initiative organized by ICCROM – International Centre for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage – and the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan.